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3D models now available in STEP (stp) format. Simply download the compressed ZIP file and extract the STEP format file to open in your favorite 3D solid modeling CAD application.

Gleason Festoon Trolley CAD Files



2D Drawings
DWG Format
2D Drawings
DXF Format
3D Models
STP Format (Compressed ZIP)
I110-F03-1502E-Z I110-F03-1502E-Z.dwg I110-F03-1502E-Z.dxf
I110-F03-1502I-Z-S I110-F03-1502I-Z-S.dwg I110-F03-1502I-Z-S.dxf
I110-F03-1502T-Z-S I110-F03-1502T-Z-S.dwg I110-F03-1502T-Z-S.dxf
I110-F03-1505E-Z I110-F03-1505E-Z.dwg I110-F03-1505E-Z.dxf
I110-F03-1505I-Z-S I110-F03-1505I-Z-S.dwg I110-F03-1505I-Z-S.dxf
I110-F03-1505T-Z-S I110-F03-1505T-Z-S.dwg I110-F03-1505T-Z-S.dxf
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