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Each POWERTRAK drawing file contains full scale 2D geometry in inch units showing front, top and side views of an individual chain link, mounting brackets, carrier elements and separators. A side elevation view and top view of an assembled chain, complete with mounting brackets are also shown. Towing end views are shown for each carrier style available along with a brief description.

Gleason Series Type "L" Steel Link General Duty PowerTrak CAD Files

Model .DWG File Name .DXF File Name:
PT16L x 2.06R PT16L-20.DWG PT16L-20.DXF
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PT26L x 2.75R PT26L-27.DWG PT26L-27.DXF
PT26L x 4.53R PT26L-45.DWG PT26L-45.DXF
PT26L x 5.63R PT26L-56.DWG PT26L-56.DXF
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PT26LX x 2.0R PT26LX20.DWG PT26LX20.DXF
PT26LX x 2.5R PT26LX25.DWG PT26LX25.DXF
PT26LX x 2.7R PT26LX27.DWG PT26LX27.DXF
PT26LX x 4.5R PT26LX45.DWG PT26LX45.DXF
PT26LX x 5.6R PT26LX56.DWG PT26LX56.DXF
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PT33L x 5.2R PT33L-52.DWG PT33L-52.DXF
PT33L x 7.5R PT33L-75.DWG PT33L-75.DXF
PT33L x 11.1R PT33L-11.DWG PT33L-11.DXF
PT33L x 15.0R PT33L-15.DWG PT33L-15.DXF
PT33L x 24.3R PT33L-24.DWG PT33L-24.DXF
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PT36L x 5.0R PT36L-50.DWG PT36L-50.DXF
PT36L x 7.8R PT36L-78.DWG PT36L-78.DXF
PT36L x 11.3R PT36L-11.DWG PT36L-11.DXF
PT36L x 15.3R PT36L-15.DWG PT36L-15.DXF
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