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Pre-Engineered Products Group
Hose Reels

The following products represent the Gleason Pre-Engineered Hose Reel product line. Product literature in .PDF format can be downloaded by clicking the link below the desired product description.
Gleason Heavy Duty Single Hose Reels

Ideal for connecting machines to air/water supply. Also designed for hand pull operations, with or without ratchet stop.

• 1/4”, 3/8”, or 1/2”(6, 9, 13mm) hose
• All welded solid steel construction
• Fully automatic; Machine mountable
• Heavy duty mounting bracket
• Safetychange® spring motor
• Weatherproof gasket on spring motor
• Positive ratchet lock with disengage
• Multi-position adjustable hose guide
• Orange polyester baked-on finish
• Also available without hose
• Optional 340 degree pivot base
• Optional adjustable hose stop
• Ideal for fluids, compressed air.
• Mount base up, down or to wall for vertical or horizontal hose travel.

Heavy Duty Single Hose Reel Information

Gleason E-Z Pull Single Hose Reels
E-Z PULL HOSE REELS are designed to make hose handling safer and smoother and to minimize costly hose replacement caused by excessive rewind speeds. Rewind pull is kept to a minimum. The result is a reel that is gentle to pull out, yet very adequate to rewind the hose. In some situations, the rewind pull provided by E-Z PULL reels may require a gentle assist from the operator.

The E-Z PULL reel was designed to drag the hose across the floor, but will not lift the hose weight vertically. Therefore, the reel should be mounted a maximum of 3 ft (0.9m) above the floor so that the hose may be pulled horizontally. Reel may be mounted with base up, down, or on a wall. A typical mounting is under a workbench or other floor mounted equipment. This reel is not designed to be mounted on a machine requiring automatic hose rewind.
E-Z Pull Reel Information

Gleason Industrial Hose Reels

Hose Reels with 1/4" to 1/2" i.d. PVC hose. Ideal mounted under workbench. May also be hung from wall or ceiling. Full flow shaft and swivel assure maximum product flow. Reels feature spring rewind with ratchet lock and multiple position hose guide. Rugged steel construction with durable baked polyester finish. Adjustable hose stop included.

Industrial Hose Reel Information

Gleason Clean Air Hose Reels
E-Z PULL CLEAN AIR HOSE REELS are engineered to safely and efficiently store the hose from an air line respirator. Gone are loose coils that cause tangled hoses which can lead to dangerous kinks in the air line. User is in complete control. Soft rewind pull means that even if ratchet stop should accidentally be released, hose will not snap back. Reel designed for 50 ft.(15m) x 7/8”(22mm) O.D. Neoprene hose supplied by others (GSA part number 455022 or equivalent). All air path parts are stainless steel.
Clean Air Hose Reel Information
NOTE: Additional hose reels are sold through the Gleason Reel Engineered Products Group. To view these hose reels, click here.
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